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What’s better than ranting about Pandora for two hours? Reminiscing about the Earth’s eventual demise (and our exposure to it) thanks to a children’s movie! The harpies take a trip back in time to discuss the environmental message of FernGully and its overhyped male-gaze remake, Avatar, with a focus on ecological preservation and a generous disdain for the white saviour narrative.

It’s 2019 and the world is a dystopian nightmare defined by capitalistic decay and the struggle to empathize with one’s fellow man (and woman). Join us in the future we already know, just less cool looking, as we talk about Blade Runner and our frustration with Blade Runner 2049 from the perspective of a feminine audience. Spoiler alert: Nat gets drunk on wine and Shi does her best robot impersonation yet.

Nuttiness ensues as we talk the lore of E.T.A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and its subsequent ballet, film, and book adaptations. We also take a trip to the technopunk fairyland of Claire Legrand’s 2014 YA novel Winterspell. Be prepared for hero-villain romances, Drosselmeyer wank, Rat King thirst and bisexual rep done right as we settle in for the holidays.

Who’s the true O.G. of our mask-and-glove kink and prone to bridal carries into underworld lairs? Why, Erik of course. Courtney of @WhoTalksFirst and @SquadronGoalsCo joins us to gush about the ultimate Gothic Romance, plus our favourite POTO adaptation, The Last Jedi. We also bring the receipts on Raoul, call out Lord Andy for his self-insert fanfic, and sing praises for Gerard Butler’s plunging v-neck.

Ladies, it’s time to smash some Fae. Knee tattoos and toilet wank are just a taste of what we have to offer as we are joined by return guest Shannon of Network 1901 (@McCarterShanon) for our unpacking of Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. Lust (and love) with us over winged boys, Eldritch monsters, and god-tier villain ships. We even cover the Christmas special just in time for the holiday.

Moon Prism Power Make-Up! Artist and fellow Sailor Moon fan Jess (Saturnine Stardust) joins us for a romp through the early-90s magical girl anime classic Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. We discuss the many aspects of this massive series including the manga, original subs vs. DIC dubs, movies, and the 2014 reboot Sailor Moon Crystal, with a focus on the changes over time. Additional rants include Chibi Usa’s unnecessary Elektra complex and the power of positive feminine friendship.

‘Tis the season for kissing the devil and concocting a witches’ brew. On our special 1-Year Anniversary episode, we are joined by Dr. (Witch) Hazel to examine the history of witches with a focus on the American North-eastern tradition as epitomized in the Salem Witch Trials and Arthur Miller’s fictionalization of the event, The Crucible. We then touch upon 1987’s Witches of Eastwick, 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, and 2015’s The VVitch. Much thirst and academia is had.

Imagine a world where women are murdered so they can be replaced with subservient automatons—and by men who claim to love them. Long before the 1970s cult classic ‘The Stepford Wives’ became shorthand for hausfraus who only care about cleaning products, this film brought to light women’s fears of oppression, and how those fears follow us to the grave. Today we continue our ‘Women as Robots’ series with a sobering look at the trope and the original film, along with a lot of criticism for the bad 2000’s retelling.

They’re beauty, they’re grace, they’ll hiss in your face. This week we’re talking about Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake and its animated adaptations: 1981’s anime LSD nightmare Swan Lake and 1994’s The Swan Princess. Join us as we lament bowl cuts, ear hair, thigh high boots, and other thirst killers.

The creeping horror of knowing something is moving towards you, inescapable and unrelenting in its pursuit is . . . student debt? This week we scared the living daylights out of ourselves by relating It Follows to late-stage capitalism, vaporwave, and classic literature. We also unpack the deeply feminine fear of being taken advantage of by a trusted partner, and why the prototypical nice guy *should* finish last. Content warning: this episode contains in-depth discussions of sexual assault.