Metamashina Episode 052 Holly Black Folk of the Air Series

We’re BACK after a very long hiatus, with a massive discussion on Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air series, recorded in late 2019. Local YA experts/return guests Shannon (@McCarterShanon) and Chel (@destiniesfic) help us determine the best use for a snake husband, AKA a “snusband,” plus how many brain cells are shared between Jude and Cardan (the answer is one). Bonus discussion: Pearls are clutched over Taryn.

Metamashina Episode 051 Suspiria 1977 and Suspiria 2018

The Season of the Witch returns, as does our special guest Dr. Hazel Monforton. This week, we talk about the cult horror classic “Suspiria” and its 2018 remake. We also take a blood-soaked dive into its feminine aesthetic and the interpersonal relationships at play in both films.

Bonus Content: Long discussions on ancient witch goddesses, along with a deep, abiding love for Tilda Swinton. 

Metamashina Episode 050 The Company of Wolves and Red Riding Hood

For our 2-year anniversary (and 50th episode) we journey off the well-worn path to cover the much-requested “The Company of Wolves” by Angela Carter—both in short story and film format.

This week, our thirst for unibrowed werewolves knows no bounds. We also dig deep into a discussion on the deeply feminine mythos, modernization, and aesthetic of Red Riding Hood.

Metamashina Episode 049 Bollywood

Sarah Sahim (@SarahSahim) joins us for our debut Bollywood episode with our coverage of 2004’s Bride & Prejudice and 2014’s Khoobsurat. Tune in for a celebration of Indian filmmaking, an explanation on how to make a kiss work without showing it, kitchen party lyrics, and how to dance the Garba.

Metamashina Episode 048 Meteor Garden

This week we’re joined by Marie-Claire (@MarieCGould) for our explorational into the pivotal shoujo manga “Hana Yori Dango” (Boys Over Flowers), along with the 2018 Chinese TV adaptation “Meteor Garden.” We talk shop about questionable hairstyles, roast the “Flower 4” on Shan Cai’s behalf, and discuss all the tropes in this definitive enemies-to-lovers coming-of-age tale.

Metamashina Episode 047 Babadook

Hide under the covers when you hear the knock—the Babadook has arrived. Continuing our love of women-centered horror, we sat down to watch Jennifer Kent’s 2014 ‘The Babadook,’ and discuss themes of motherhood, grief, and the existential dread of winter in Australia. Bonus content: a frank discussion on childhood fears and the utterly bizarre film ‘Mars Attacks.’

Metamashina Episode 046 Spinning Silver

Looking to escape the summer heat? Join us and Chel (@destiniesfic) for a discussion on Naomi Novik’s Spinning Silver: a 2018 reimagining of the Rumpelstiltskin legend.

Highlights of today’s episode include a discussion on Novik’s reclamation of the folktale via a Jewish perspective. Bonus content includes perpetual stanning of not one but two monster husbands, and Shi is called out for not shipping Chernobog. Popsicle jokes are made.

Metamashina Episode 045 Creepypasta Slenderman

Long ago in the Dark Ages of Web 1.0, internet lore was shared not through wikis and YouTube videos but through the anonymity of forum boards, comment threads and instant messenger. It was from this digital, primordial stew that a new phenomenon was born: “creepypasta,” or internet ghost stories.

On this week’s episode, we dive deep into Ted’s Caving Page, reminisce about Jeff the Killer, and run head-first into Slenderman’s arms. Bonus content: an explanation on how much makeup is too much makeup when acting out your clown kink.

Annihilation Skull Covered in Fungus and Flowers

Beautiful decay awaits us all in 2018’s sci-fi masterpiece Annihilation, based upon Jeff VanderMeer’s 2014 book series The Southern Reach Trilogy. We cover the first book of the series, along with the film in tandem with the lens of horror. Expect long divergences into biological evolution, well-written female protagonists, and personal foibles.

As the Crawler says, “The shadows of the abyss are like the petals of a monstrous flower that shall blossom within the skull and expand the mind beyond what any man can bear…”

Metamashina Episode 043 Your Name Anime

It’s full-on ugly crying for 2016’s Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) as we enjoy the most romantic and inspiring sci-fi fantasy anime to come out in recent years. We wax poetic on the red string of fate, Japanese vending machines, and youthful indiscretions—all while Shi buys some pants.

WARNING: Heavy salt on the Game of Thrones finale.