Metamashina Episode 062 Princess Bride Movie

On today’s episode friend of the show Katie (@PoeHotDameron) joins us to discuss ‘The Princess Bride.’ In true podcast form, we venture to Florin, where we talk about the similarities between Darth Maul and Inigo Montoya’s thirst for revenge, and is Humperdinck humpable, actually? Bonus points are made for Buttercup’s desire for a simple life, and work/life balance in the pursuit of art.

Metamashina Episode 061 Ophelia Movie

Religious panic, plagues, and fractured families are all the rage again, so Metamashina decided to get with the times and discuss the 2018 film ‘Ophelia,’ which ironically is not an adaptation of a Shakespearean play. In this episode we talk about nunneries, bad tropes, and complex character motivations.

(Un)happy pandemic anniversary, everyone.

Metamashina Episode 060 Ex Machina 2014

We’re back with another previously unreleased (archived) episode, this time from Spring 2020… since March never ended, apparently.

Join us for a continuation of our ‘Women as Robots’ series, as we discuss the hit indie film ‘Ex Machina’. Topics include killer sex toys, adaptations of the bluebeard myth, Silicon Valley bros, and our dissatisfaction over the gendering/exploitation of AI in media.

Metamashina Episode 059 Flowers in the Attic VC Andrews

Your early Valentine’s Day episode is a trip to Foxworth Hall as we explore VC Andrew’s 1979 FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC, along with the 1987 and 2014 movie adaptations. Covering risqué questions like “what do you think of bad mothers,” we also dive deep into the ethics of bold writing and heap high praise on the Lifetime sequel ‘Petals on the Wind,’ a movie so bad it’s good.

CW: Discussions of incest between siblings, SA/dubious consent, child abuse, and child death.

Metamashina Episode 058 Silvia Moreno-Garcia Mexican Gothic

Joined by first-time guest Daniela, we ring in the new year with a retrospective look on being stuck indoors, the family drama that comes with it, and insidious respiratory pathogens—and no, we’re not talking about COVID-19. Today’s episode will cover MEXICAN GOTHIC, AKA Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s new hit novel. Tune in for a discussion on colonialism, generational trauma, and femme fatales.

CW: Discussions of incest and sexual assault in relation to the book.

Metamashina Episode 057 Louisa May Alcott Little Women

Have a slice of an Americana “classic” this holiday season. Today, we explore Louisa May Alcott’s LITTLE WOMEN, along with the 2019 Greta Gerwig film adaptation. Episode Highlights: A discussion on liberal feminism as an extension of American Protestantism, Team Laurie VS Team Friedrich, and speculations on whether Alcott would be into spite-shipping.

Metamashina Episode 056 Bram Stoker's Dracula

Is Gary Oldman dressed as a vampire the aesthetic to end all aesthetics? Who is more seductive: Lucy in her red lingerie, or the Count with his luscious locks? In this rather silly discussion of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, we examine the original 1897 novel and the 1992 film adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola, to get to the heart of these burning questions.

Metamashina Episode 055 The Fifth Element Movie 1997

Our first NEW recording of 2020 is all about stopping impending doom via the power of love. On today’s episode, we debut our revamped podcast with 1997’s ‘The Fifth Element.’ Discussion highlights include figuring out who is a Zorg fan (or really just a Gary Oldman fan), and a debate on modern sci-fi aesthetics depicting true evil in fiction.

Metamashina Episode 054 Secretary 2002 Movie

With our last unreleased episode from the 2019 archives, we’re exploring an essential work in the kink and BDSM oeuvre: 2002’s ‘Secretary,’ featuring the only Mr. Gray we would like to see dom. Our focus? The psychosexual nature of Lee’s emotional acceptance, Edward’s control issues, and harassment in the workplace—with a diversion into the quirky, fantastical nature of early 2000s films.

CW: Sexual content, questionable consent, BDSM, self-harm.

Metamashina Episode 053 Fried Green Tomatoes 1991 Movie

It’s Southern-Fried Sapphics hour as we take a waltz back to a late 80’s/early 90’s classic of “just gals being pals.” In 1991’s ‘Fried Green Tomatoes,’ our exploration of the slow decline of American rural communities—and our critique of white liberal feminism—is balanced by our appreciation for food fights as stand-in sex scenes. Bonus highlights include a discussion on fried okra, chicken-fried chicken, and Shi, our resident Canadian, calling LA “the south.”