Welcome to Metamashina: your one-stop shop for your favorite tropes, archetypes, and totally serious discussions on the romantic escapades of elves. We’re not that great at staying serious for long, so we’ll try to keep this brief:

Born from frustration at the current state of media/fandom commentary—as well as a love for genre fiction—Metamashina is a podcast that focuses on storytelling from the feminine gaze. After meeting in the hellfire that is Online™, we found that we all loved discussing and dissecting narrative media, and we were starved for narratives where these stories reflected our lived reality. Not only that, but we wanted active discussion and acknowledgement of said content, and were determined to get it. 

We hope to use this space to uplift stories created by and/or told for women, with an emphasis on being inclusive to intersecting identities that do not reflect our own. On the rare, rare occasion, we balance this podcast with essays, but due to limited time we’re heavy on the audio these days and less on the written word. 

More than anything, Metamashina is a platform for us to discuss the things that we love and to share them with you. We hope you enjoy listening.




To ask us questions about the show (and to potentially have those questions answered on the show), send them in through the contact form on our website. No attachment or images, good fellows. Stuff like that automatically gets sorted to spam.