Your early Valentine’s Day episode is a trip to Foxworth Hall as we explore VC Andrew’s 1979 FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC, along with the 1987 and 2014 movie adaptations. Covering risqué questions like “what do you think of bad mothers,” we also dive deep into the ethics of bold writing and heap high praise on the Lifetime sequel ‘Petals on the Wind,’ a movie so bad it’s good.

CW: Discussions of incest between siblings, SA/dubious consent, child abuse, and child death.

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One thought on “EPISODE 059: FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC (Yes, That Flowers)

  1. Hi all,
    First and foremost, thank you so much for all the awesome content. You guys are so awesome. This episode got me thinking. I’m listening and your discussion about incest and if it is immoral or not. I agree with what Erin said that the matter of consent is extremely important . Yet why would a society shun one way of incest (between brother and sister) but be okay with another form (for example:between cousins)? I remeber from one of my anthropology classes that did several studies over this subject (can’t remember the exact ethnography) and found that those that grew up together were less likely to form romantic relationships with each other ( even if they were matched in a future marriage).

    I found that interesting and perhaps there’s something to that. Like, you grew up with this person, saw them as children and lived with them. You saw every aspect of this person .

    Then I think about Game of Thrones with the Lanisters. I think people found it even more disgusting with them because they had evidence of this togetherness: their kids. The proof that while you grew up together, you still decided to pursue this relationship. It would be interesting to see what happened in their early years for tgeir relationship to progress in this way.

    Sorry, I’m rambling at this point. But my brain started tinkering with different ideas and you made that happen. Thanks.


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