In today’s VERY special episode (recorded pre-Last Jedi) we are joined by Rachael and Kirsty of Scavenger’s Hoard to stan over our undying love of fanfic.

We discuss the ins and outs of the medium, its history from 1970s-onwards, our personal experiences with it and the importance of women in defining the genre. We also discuss how it differs from meta and why both formats need to be appreciated.

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*Please note: In the recording Ohtze says that Strikethrough and Boldthrough occurred in 2017. This is incorrect and a slip of the tongue. Strikethrough and Boldthrough occurred in 2007.



Scavenger’s Hoard





  1. Hi, wow so much! Mostly I want to say, thank you! thank you! for this podcast. It’s exactly what I needed right now as I’m new to fanfic after watching TLJ. During the interrogation scene in TFA I was having these emotions and I didn’t know what was going on? This seems really hot and I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I just chalked it up to overactive imagination and put it aside. Then after watching TLJ I realized okay no there’s something here. I went online to search kylo shirtless (because I really just had to see it again) and ran into some reylo stuff and it really has been my center of attention since. I am 40 years old so I’m feeling a little bit like a teenager again in all this but am really loving it. I’m loving this subculture that I didn’t really know existed and so grateful there are people like you standing up for the women in media and all the time and work you have put into making it what it is today. So thank you very much!

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  2. OMG this episode is fantastic. I’ve been a longtime fan of fanfiction, and it was great to hear some details about what was happening and how fanfiction and fanfiction sites progressed through all this time that I’ve been reading. Times I lived through but was completely oblivious to what was going on behind the scenes.

    Also I’m slowly going through your fic recommendations. Thank you for the Tudor-Reylo fic, and also thank you to whoever recommended Well Roared, Lion. This fic has single-handedly made me a Tomione fan. I didn’t even know this was a ship before but it has similar light/dark couple elements of Reylo that I can’t get enough of, also I always thought Hermione was way beyond Ron, so this fixes that for me. New headcanon. YAY. 🙂

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    1. Can’t believe we missed replying to this. The fanfiction episode remains one of our favourites, and it was really nice for us to sit back and go through the history of fanfiction, especially during all those seismic changes of the early aughts. Ohtze was the one who recc’d Well Roared, Lion. She’s got Tomione on the brain these days.


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