Join us as we touch on one of the most formative sci-fi books in history, War of the Worlds! Martians, tripods, hysteria, and existential dread ensue as we discuss the original book, radio drama, and the 2005 blockbuster film. Also Dildos. Lots of dildos.

This week we’re excited to bring you a beloved Metamashina classic, Meredith Ann Pierce’s The Darkangel Trilogy. We know you all love hero/villain romances so if you’re not familiar with this story, buckle in for a ride to the moon and allow us to introduce you to one of our earliest #problematic faves. Nat waxes poetic about Carl Jung, Shi can’t stop talking about Irrylath, and Erin gets triggered by men with ponytails.

Robot women have existed since the dawn of time, but we’re just beginning to talk about them on Metamashina. We start our series on ladies of the future with the 1927 silent film Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang and reconstructed in 2010. The harpies get heavy on Marxism, history, feminine-coded maschinenmensch, and why we can all love both Freder and Faust.

The second part of our discussion of the Alien Franchise ends with a whimper rather than a bang as we try hard to appreciate the beautiful, but flawed Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Content warning: we discuss physical and sexual violence as presented in these films, as well as Space Jesus, Robot Lucifer, the stupidest scientists ever sent to meet alien life, and why all women could benefit from a robot companion (as long as it’s not programmed by a narcissistic asshole).

Ellen Ripley: feminist icon. Ridley Scott: not so much. Today’s episode covers the first four films of the Alien franchise–yes, even Resurrection, though none of us remembers it well. We’re going deep into the salt mines for our take on the formative series, including why we love xenomorphs and robots with Oedipal complexes. We also cover why we’re not so hot on male writers clinging to hard-edged 90s nostalgia and so-called “Strong Female Characters.” Nothing’s perfect, we guess.

On today’s episode Courtney of Knights of Rant/Who Talks First? and Kirsty of Scavenger’s Hoard join us to discuss the Star Wars trope of “star-crossed lovers.” We explore our personal interest in the enemies-to-lovers pairings, the undeniable attraction between the dark and the light side (in both Legends and Canon), and talk shop about the fan reactions to these pairings. Also Reylo. LOTS of Reylo.

They’re catty, they’re snobby, they’ll ruin your high school experience. So why do we love them so much? In today’s episode we cover the Holy Trinity of “teen drama queen” films: Clueless, Mean Girls, and Heathers. Be prepared for a very long tangent about the socialization of young women as each other’s enemies. We also dip into the inevitabilities of being bullied as a teenager.